Sunday, November 23, 2008

About Me

I figure I should give a background story about me and why I'm starting a mini farm.. So here goes..

Every since I was little I've wanted my own land.. Whenever we'd go visit any relatives that were out in the country, I loved it.. We lived in North Carolina for a little while and I loved the quiet and open spaces.. My trouble is that I was born and (mostly) raised in south Florida which has no quiet and open spaces except for parks and other such public places..

After my husband got let go from his internet job in 2003, our lease on our rental house expired and we stayed with my parents for a little while until we found another place.. We wanted to buy a house because we were tired of renting but everything in south Florida was way out of our current price range.. Even rental places where too much.. So I expanded my search.. My mother wasn't happy I was looking at places out of south Florida but its not like we had a whole lot of choice..

With my desire for land in mind I included acreage in my searches.. Also at the same time we looked for a job for hubby in central Florida which seemed to be our best option to find a house.. We found a job for him at a 911 center and came up for an interview and look at the area.. He got the job so we really started looking harder at this area.. We finally found our house and it had 1.73 acres with it.. I was ecstatic, of course.. We moved up here the day after Hurricane Charley hit..

Being a city girl, I thought you had to have a lot of land to have a farm.. But I figured I could at least have chickens.. That brought me to a few forums.. Backyard Chickens, Homesteading Today, a couple others.. All fed my chicken addiction.. I was interested in what else people had but of course, most people that had more than that also had more land then I did.. Then I found the Urban Sustainable Living website and Patti Moreno.. This was a woman that had veggie gardens, goats, rabbits, and chickens in the middle of Boston.. I knew if she could make all of that work inside a city and without a big yard then I could make mine work too..

So I started researching.. And researching and researching and researching.. You get the point.. I did a lot of reading.. I asked a lot of questions on forums.. The only thing that held me back was money.. How to get this thing started without gobs of money.. I'll address each obstacle with each of the things I want to incorporate into my mini farm.. The first thing I'll talk about is the rabbits since that's what I tried first.. I already had some chickens, guineas, and ducks.. But they're all gone now and were before I actually got the farm thing realized.. I do plan on doing chickens etc again, but the rabbits, goats, and veggie garden are what I'm actually working on now.. I'll do the rabbit post later today or tomorrow.. Or the next day.. I get distracted with my projects and other things in life.. Like Thanksgiving coming up.. But I'll try to sit down and at least do that rabbits post soon..

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