Thursday, November 27, 2008

Somebody Slap the Piss Outta Me!!!

I forgot Pam and Hugh.. I am so thankful for all the kindness, generosity, and help they've given me.. This farm idea would have never gotten anywhere if it wasn't for the time I spent working on their farm, learning, earning the beautiful does they offered me, all the supplies they gave me to help with the fencing, the last couple weeks they paid me to help me buy the fencing when they don't have a whole lot of money to spare, the milk filter and bucket Pam has waiting for me when I go to pick up my girls, the goats milk they gave us to try, the blackberry jelly they made themselves, etc etc etc.. Not to mention all the help I'm sure they'll give in the future.. They are my truly local friends and will be for many many years..

Somebody else I'd like to give personal thanks to are Michael and his wife Kelley.. I thank them for the gift cards and seeds they sent me to help get the veggie garden going.. For all the advice they gave with my younger son's behavioral problems in school.. And many other things I can't think of right now..

I will always be eternally grateful to these people for helping to make something very important to me to become a reality..

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