Saturday, December 13, 2008

All Projects On Hold

Hubby got layed off his job yesterday.. I don't really know what will happen from here.. Hopefully he'll be able to find a really fantastic job really fast.. Doubt it though.. Hopefully he at least finds something soon.. I should probably look for something too.. Whoever finds a full time job first wins?

My father inlaw said if it comes down to it we could sell the house.. Yes, he does have the authority to say that since they bought out our mortgage.. Bad idea in my opinion since our mortgage is essentially paid for, even though we do need to start paying them back some day.. But if we sell the house then we'd have to rent something and we were barely making ends meet with what he WAS making.. The trucking company has an unemployment package waiting for him, at least, when he goes to take in his work shirts.. And if things pick up they'll hire him back.. But that's an if we can't wait for..

Of course, if it does come down to selling the house, then the farm idea is over.. I'll have to take the goats back, of course.. I'm not going to be able to get the rabbits like planned, even though the breeder never gave me a call last month like she was supposed to, to let me know they'd been born.. The incubator certainly isn't going to be built..

Ironically, we're keeping in good humor.. Some shock and depression at first.. And probably not the last of it.. But we're keeping each other laughing, and that's a very good thing.. Kind of like laughing in the face of adversity..

I guess the only projects that will keep going right now are the knitting/crocheting and the veggie garden.. I have all the supplies I need for now with the knitting/crocheting.. And I've got seeds and soil for the veggie garden.. All I need else for that is sun and water.. Got several things sprouting in the veggies.. Hopefully he'll have a job before its time to harvest them.. Unemployment has a job assistance things I believe to help you get a job.. Hopefully he'll be able to get something that way at least.. Hopefully..


CatHerder said...

surfed in through pattis garden blog. sorry for your situation. I havent worked since a year ago April after i threw my back out..and i got no disability either. I hope your hubby finds something soon. happy holidays

Kittikity said...

Thank you.. He actually got another job a week later with their parent company, although he doesn't start until after Christmas.. It was a real stroke of luck.. God definitely had that one set up..

Sorry to hear about your back.. That sucks that you didn't get any disability.. How in the world have you managed?