Sunday, December 7, 2008

They're Home!!!

I finally brought my girls home today! They are settling in well and are loving their new home.. I ended up bringing them home in my little hatchback.. Had to make two trips.. First Velvet and Prima, then Blue Bell with a bale of hay..

This is Blue Bell, the nubian/mini-alpine cross.. She's almost 3 yrs and a sweetheart..
Blue Bell

Velvet, american nubian.. Almost 2yrs.. I love her markings around her legs and underbelly along with her overall color..

Prima, american nubian.. Almost 2 yrs.. She's the only one that has already freshened.. She had a beautiful single buckling last year.. This isn't the best pic of her since I was trying to take it before she moved..

Hanging out in their shelter..
Prima, Velvet, Blue Bell

Staring out at all the green to chew on..
Prima, Velvet, Blue Bell

Going for a stroll..
Velvet, Prima, Blue Bell

Meeting the locals..
Meeting the locals

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