Saturday, December 27, 2008

First Hay Purchase, Strike One

Well, went through the bale of hay that Hugh gave me when I picked up the goats.. So headed to the feed store.. What they had was less then spectacular.. Sort of green on the inside but rather yellow on the outside.. Didn't smell sweet like really fresh hay.. But didn't smell really rank either.. Didn't look moldy or excessively dusty so I guess it's ok.. The girls ate it fine but I think wasted most of the first flake..

Then we decided to check a tack store that is only a couple minutes away from us.. (The feed store is a good half an hour drive..) They had a tractor trailer with its doors open and the bales inside it looked nice and green.. So we went inside and bought a bale.. It was the same price as the bales at the feed store.. When we got outside the girl said the hay we bought (coastal) was around the back.. So apparently the hay we were looking at was something else and probably more expensive.. Turns out the coastal hay they had was brown, not even yellow, and a smaller bale then the one we got from the feed store.. It doesn't smell rank, but I'm sure if I open it, it's going to be dusty as all get out.. I figure I'll just use it for bedding in their shelter or something..

I hope this is just because of the time of the season.. Hugh always makes sure to get decent hay for his goats and I want to do the same.. Besides the fact that bad hay can really mess a goat up.. The bale he gave me was nice and green and sweet smelling.. That's what I'm looking for.. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time..


Barbara said...

Hello, My first visit to your blog and enjoyed it very much. I am also starting to knit and what a great idea to post on freecycle for yarn. Will do that today. Love the goats and look forward to learning with you. I just moved onto my 3 acres a year ago and while I have my chickens I am still working on the fencing to get my goats. Have you ever checked out Hidden Haven blog? A link on my blog is provided. She writes about her goats as well. She is a very nice lady who makes soaps with her goats milk and very educational. I am going to put a link to your blog on my blog and will visit often. Oh Yeah, I am very happy for your that your husband was called back to work.

Peggy said...

Congratulations on your goats! They are such loving and sweet creatures. We are going into kidding season now and I am excited to see the new kids we will have.

Garden Green said...

I hope you get the hay all straightened out and I'm also glad that your husband was called back to work. It is hard to have to uproot and try to find a place to go with all the animals and projects that you've already got. At least you skirted disaster!