Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting Crafty

Well, I've been bitten again by the craft bug.. Before the craft was cross stitch.. But a little while ago somebody posted a pic of the sweaters they had made for their goat kids.. I was hooked! = )

Somebody on another site posted the link to .. A very nice site with videos on how to knit.. Now I'm very eager to do that too.. It looks so easy.. I've already got SO many ideas.. But since I'd have to buy supplies for those first, I am doing something else while I wait for the time and money to go to the craft store.. I'd gotten a latch rug kit a while ago and for some reason only hardly started it and then stopped.. So I'm doing the latch rug for now to satisfy the crafting itch..

This is what it's going to look like..
bunny latch rug

This is what I have so far.. What I'd done before with just a little more of the blue done..
bunny latch rug

While doing the rug, it was nice and sunny outside so I turned off the ceiling fan light and opened some windows.. When I took the blanket off the window in the living room (yes, I have a toddler blanket covering my window) this is what I saw..
juvenile cooper's hawk
It's a beautiful Cooper's hawk.. (I looked it up..) It was sitting on the post eating a little mouse or something it had caught.. The kids and I watched it until it finished its meal and flew off.. I also got a video of it but it's kind of shaky because I was leaning over the tv while we watched it..

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