Sunday, December 21, 2008

He Won!

Well, he got layed off on a Friday, took his work shirts back Monday, got called Monday afternoon about some positions their parent company had, got an email Tuesday from the parent company wanting him to come in to fill out an application, did that Wednesday, took it back Thursday, and got a call Friday saying he starts orientation on the 29th.. So we will not be selling our house and all projects will be resuming after the first of the year..

As for projects, the veggie garden is growing but not quite like I'd hoped.. Knitting is going slowly at the moment because with him being home we've been play a lot of World of Warcraft.. Goats are doing well.. Everybody's poo is normal and they're eating away.. Slowly getting them used to eating alfalfa pellets.. I'd like to get them to a half a scoop of grain and a half of alfalfa pellets.. Almost there.. Prima will eat anything so she was the first to dig into them.. Need to do some repairs on the fence but luckily isn't just the part going from their pen to their yard.. Fed them some oak branches which they absolutely devoured.. Found out from Pam that those can be toxic and cause liver damage if fed too much.. So I'll have to find something else to feed them as treats.. They'll have plenty to eat in the spring when the willow trees in their yard sprout leaves again.. I'm also thinking of getting a bag of black oil sunflower seeds and plant a whole bunch of them.. They're supposed to be really good for a lot of livestock.. But in moderation because they are high in fat..

Oh, and our border collie mix dog had puppies.. We've had her for 2 years and she's never been pregnant.. I'd finally figured she'd been fixed before we got her.. Apparently not.. Something else to get done after the first of the year.. The puppies are about 3 weeks old now and starting to open their eyes and climb out of the dog house.. I'm thinking of putting the dog house in the goat yard.. I brought Dixie in there and she pretty much ignored the goats.. She might make a decent livestock guardian after all.. But I need to observe her some more first.. I can't have chickens around her though because she'll kill them.. I'd like to get a shock collar and train her to leave them alone.. Yes, I know they're kinda cruel, but I've heard of people having great results with training their dogs to leave livestock alone.. I don't know how else to get it through her thick head that chickens are not brought here for her personal snacking.. Besides, those shock collars are expensive..

Anyway, it's really late here and I need to get some sleep.. Yes, I know I tend to do most of my entries late at nite.. But its one of the few times that I have time to think.. lol

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