Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ok, So Learning to Knit Isn't THAT Easy..

But its not hard either..

Ok, so I put a post on the local freecycle that I was looking for knitting and crocheting supplies.. A lady responded saying she had some yarn.. I think ok, couple of skeins or something.. THIS is what she gave me..
buttload of yarn

I am absolutely blown away.. It is going to take me forever to use all of that.. And I love the colors even though some of them don't come through in the pic that well.. Apparently the lady crochets baby booties and sells them on ebay.. I'll pimp her link here since she was so absolutely generous with the yarn.. And I'm sure that's just probably her "extra".. And she said they just moved and haven't unpacked everything so she may have MORE!
Baby Bear Boutique
Really cute booties and blankets..

So after I pick up the big garbage bag of yarn, I head to the local Joann's.. I wasn't sure what size needles I should start with so I bought some assortment packages.. The knitting needles are sizes 6, 7, and 8.. The crochet hooks are D-K.. I also got a couple yarn needles and a cablestitch holder..
knitting and crochet supplies
All needles and hooks are the metal ones since that's what the assortments came in..

And here is my first knitting attempt! (That yarn is actually yellow, not white..)
first knitting attempt
Not perfect, but I'm getting the hang of it.. I got the cast on pretty quickly.. Had a little trouble getting the first couple knit stitches but I'm doing better.. A note to anybody learning to knit, don't be stingy with that working yarn or you'll end up with really tight stitches and won't be able to work with them when you come back around to the first stitch again..

So far I've only done the cast on and the knit stitch.. Going to keep on with the knit stitch until I'm sure I've got it down good and then I'll try the purl stitch.. My hands are a little sore from trying to hold the needles and everything.. But my hands are a little stiff anyway from when I was a dog groomer..

I can't decide if I'm going to go to bed now or if I'm going to try some more stitches.. I think sleep is going to win out..

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