Monday, January 5, 2009

First Crochet Attempt

I've started my first attempt at crocheting last nite.. I am definitely zooming along with it better than I was with the knitting.. Of course, I sort of learned how to crochet when I was younger but never actually made anything.. I'm sure my knitting will get just as good the more I do it.. Even though I am getting the crocheting pretty quickly, I still have lots of room for improvement.. Check out my first piece..
First crochet attempt
It was done with a chain to begin and then single stitches.. Not too bad, but still needs work..


Anonymous said...

Great Job. Love the color. I am still waiting on possible donation from freecycle. Will check out Walmart yarn prices. I can't wait to start.

Kittikity said...

Yeah, I love the color too.. The yarn itself is that multi color of pinks and browns.. Really pretty.. I liked it so much that I unraveled what I'd done and started making a beanie for my daughter.. It'll be my first completed fiber art project.. Has only taken me a day and I'm almost done with it.. Will make a post about it when I'm done.. Definitely going to have to get some more yarn like that in the future..