Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Harvest

Well, here is what I was able to salvage from the ruined garden.. Some spinach leaves and three tiny pea pods..

First Harvest

Some of the spinach leaves were a bit frost bitten so I gave those to the rabbits along with the three pea pods.. They seemed to really enjoy them.. The rest I washed off and gave to hubby as a spinach salad.. He said it was good..

Now the rest of this winter I am going to either till up that spot again and add lots of the hay the goats waste, along with their poo and the rabbit poo, or I'm going to make a compost pile of it and see what I end up with in a couple months.. Hopefully by then our finances will be a little better and I'll be able to make the raised beds like I've been wanting forever.. But we shall see..


Anonymous said...

Hello, Congratulations on your new rabbits. Great pics with the kids. Curious what all you feed your rabbits? My Tiffany rabbit gets apples, oranges, carrots, some greens, rabbit food of course, and timothy hay. I was told by a woman who once raised rabbits if she gets scurge to give her a little moss out of the trees. I have not done this but have you ever heard of that?

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That's a shame, but what can you do but salvage what you can. We event got frost down here in Naples, the first (and probably last) of the year. I still haven't heard the orange report.

Kittikity said...

Barbara, I've been feeding my rabbits coastal hay and alfalfa pellets.. Pretty much what I already have for my goats.. Except the rabbits don't get any grains since it has molasses and minerals on it.. Doubt that would be good for rabbits.. Gradually adjusting them to fresh greens from the yard.. Like weeds, spent plants from the garden, etc.. No, haven't heard of that.. Would be interesting to know if it works though..

Robert, I've always thought as January and February as our coldest months in Florida.. Not sure of other places since I'm a Florida native.. But this winter has been unusually odd this year.. The lower temps started earlier here, colder temps then I've known.. I think we are in for more frosty nites.. That's why I'm waiting until April to start my planting again..