Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Think I've Found a Solution to My Raised Bed Woes

I was looking up trellis' on Lowes website and stumbled across a new product they're going to be getting in February.. They're composite boards made of wood fiber and recycled plastic! Now, the posts are a little over $30 so if you're going for a fence it might get pretty pricey.. But the rail boards themselves are 1 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 71 3/4" and cost about $12.. Yes, they cost a little more than regular wood would cost, but just imagine how long they'll last.. And they're made from recycled plastic.. I absolutely love products made from recycled plastics.. Anyway, come February I'll be making a weekly trip to Lowes to buy a board or two at a time.. Unfortunately that's all our budget might allow for now, buying the supplies a bit at a time..

If you want to look them up on the Lowes website, they're in the fencing section under wood fencing..

Since they're only about 6 foot long, I might have to do 4'x4' beds.. That's ok though because I can use the extra 2 foot leftovers on the inside of the bed to attach the top and bottom sections..


Rick said...

Hi from West Texas.
Can you tell me what the name of these post and boards your going to be using? I don't find anything like it here.
Lubbock, Texas

Kittikity said...

They're called composite boards.. Unfortunately with money woes, I have not been able to buy any.. Not all places will have them either apparently..