Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Gonna Have Bunnies!!!

I put a post on craigs list about needing some cheap meat rabbits.. But somebody contacted me with something better.. There's a man not far from here (same city that the lady lives that gave me the yarn) that has two Florida white rabbits that he's going to sell me for $10 each, with pedigree papers.. And he's even going to breed them for me.. Normally he sells them for twice that but he needs the cage space..

Florida whites were developed in Florida (of course) and are a medium sized meat rabbit.. Same body type as a new zealand, just a little smaller.. Supposed to be a very good percentage of meat while eating less then the bigger meat rabbits..

I guess I better make some cages tomorrow.. He's already got one bred today.. I'll post pics, of course, when I get them home..

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