Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Meager Veggie Garden

veg garden
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This is my pitiful little garden.. I couldn't do a raised bed yet like I had wanted to, so I went ahead and planted in the ground.. My soil is rather thick.. Not quite thick like clay soil, but definitely some clay in it.. Also not much organic matter to give it optimal drainage.. We do get a little flooding right after a heavy rain, but it drains ok.. But I'm afraid with the summer rain it won't drain fast enough and the veggies will drown.. Also with this thick soil, I don't think the roots are getting enough air and the plants aren't growing well.. Not enough organic matter to enrich the soil and make things grow better..

I really need to get some rabbits.. I really think rabbit manure will help my garden a lot.. But getting hubby to agree to getting some rabbits now probably isn't going to happen.. "Do you really need them NOW?" is what I usually get.. Money is tight here and there's not much outlook on it getting better.. So rabbits seem like an extra expense to him.. I also don't have any cages built yet and that's more expense..

I feel so useless sitting here doing nothing.. Not able to accomplish any of my millions of projects rolling around in my head because of money.. Not being able to get a job because I'm at home with Kaitlyn.. Can't put her in daycare because I wouldn't be able to trust them to manage her diabetes.. I'm not saying daycares are incompetent.. But they wouldn't be able to keep a really close eye on her like I think she needs.. What if her blood sugar drops out of nowhere(its happened before) and they don't notice?

I love being home for the kids.. I think its important for the kids.. But I wish there was some way I could make some money from home to help pay bills and pay for my projects..

Ok, this was supposed to be a positive post about what 'is' growing and to show off my gardengirl t-shirt that I got for writing an article about the goats for the's ezine.. Very proud of my t-shirt.. I put it on right away, even over the clothes I already had on.. Of course, I took off my other shirt later.. But I've been wearing the gardengirl t-shirt all day.. I'll probably sleep in it..

Ok, so as to what 'is' growing.. I've got some summer squash and another kind of squash (can't remember the name at the moment), some corn, some beans, some peas, some cauliflower that aren't doing very well, one broccoli plant that isn't doing well either, and one cucumber plant that is only doing ok.. Oh, and some spinach in the front that isn't doing nearly as well as I'd hoped.. I was looking forward to a baby spinach leaf salad.. Also planted some tomato seeds but don't think those came up at all.. Oh, and some bell peppers that I don't think came up.. Yes, I need to weed the whole thing badly.. But at this point I'm a little discouraged at how poorly most of it is going.. The squash and corn is doing the best..

One of the projects I'd like to get accomplished before I plant again is a hydroponic seed starting system.. But, of course, that's going to take money.. I also want to get some raised beds made so I don't have to deal with this soil.. But that doesn't look like its going to happen anytime soon either.. I need to get rabbits for the manure.. *la sigh* So many projects, so little money.. I need a job.. But I can't.. It's an endless circle..

Anyway, admire my tiny veggies, admire my lovely shirt, ignore my ugly mug, and...... whatever pleases you afterwards.. = )

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