Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Future Livestock Guardian

A little over a month ago, one of our dogs had puppies.. A total shock since we thought she was fixed and we never saw a male around at all.. She had one boy and 4 girls.. At first we were going to just give them all away.. When they were ready, of course.. But for some reason I knew the little boy was special.. I had wanted to use our two outside dogs as livestock guardians.. But Dixie (the mother) kills chickens and if I don't shut the goats pen, Chloe will run the goats off and eat their food.. I'm afraid of what Chloe might do to baby goats..

But I wanted a livestock guardian to protect them from some of my more unsavory neighbors, and for predator protection when I get chickens and rabbits.. As the little boy got older and started running around, I saw that he had a very calm and sweet disposition.. His sisters were more hyper than he was.. So I figured he would be perfect to have as a livestock guardian.. He's known the goats ever since he began to open his little eyes and seems very calm when they come near him.. The goats seem to take to him very well.. Yes, even at this early of an age.. Add to that his lovely dark red color and blue eyes, and he's definitely a winner..

I may be putting my own opinion on this, but I already think he's really smart.. He was sniffing at some food my daughter had and I gave him a light swat on the butt.. He didn't give that food a second look.. Instead he just curled up next to me and fell asleep.. With an open pizza box sitting on the other side of me..

My husband has already fallen in love with him.. When my husband went to bed, I had him hold the puppy so I could massage his feet.. (My husband's feet, not the puppy's...) The puppy curled up on my husband's chest and fell asleep..

We don't have a name for him yet.. I'm allowing my husband to pick the name and he's trying to find a really good one.. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated..

And without further ado, here is our new 6 week old border collie mix member of our family..
Our future livestock guardian

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Garden Green said...

Completely adorable! Good luck with him as your livestock guardian!