Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Potato Cages

On the right side of the veggie pic below, you can sort of see the extra chicken wire I have just laying there.. It's been laying there for a month or so now because I just didn't know what to do with it.. Then a video on growing potatoes reminded me of some people using trash cans to grow potatoes.. They would put soil in the bottom and then add straw or hay as the plants grew.. The potatoes grew in the straw areas of the trash can.. But I started thinking, "Does it have to be an enclosed thing like a garbage can?" So I just did a search for 'potato' and 'chicken wire'.. And sure enough, you can use chicken wire in just the same way..

So I guess that will be my next project.. I've already got the wire.. I'll look around here for something to use to support it.. If not then I'll have to get some cheap t-posts or something.. The white step in posts like I have around the veggie garden might work.. But I'd rather get some of the light duty metal ones.. I'll need those later on for my rabbit hutch anyway so this will give me a reason to go ahead and buy some.. Then all I'll need are some potatoes to start it off.. I'll probably just get some potatoes from the supermarket.. Not the best option but it seems like the easiest one right now.. Or maybe this will also give me a reason to go by the local farmers market.. I wonder if I can drag hubby there this weekend.. Doubt it, but I'll go by myself if I have to..

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