Saturday, March 14, 2009

What I Did Today

Most of the day we went to Dinosaur World for the younger son's bday.. But then I finished cleaning out the goats' shelter in preparation for the babies arrivals.. Bluebell is due a week from tomorrow.. I actually started it yesterday but then stopped to go to Pam and Hugh's to clean out a stall for them.. Hugh hurt his back cleaning out another stall and Pam was busy with her little girl and making goat harnasses and stuff.. You can check out her really neat goat gear here.. Speaking of which, tomorrow I'm going to take a pic of the halter and lead that she made for me.. Great products for great prices.. Anyway, here is a pic of the cleaned out goat shelter..

Cleaned shelter

Before I even got done spreading out the shavings, Velvet came in and peed.. Reminds me of when the cat lived in the house and she'd stand there watching me, waiting for THE second I was done.. If I turned my back to get something before I was done, she'd go ahead anyway.. Velvet was also my main supervisor.. The other two only came in occasionally to take a look.. Prima peed on the bare cement.. I guess she didn't approve of how long I was taking or something.. I had left it only half done yesterday.. Tomorrow I'll take a so-so bail of hay and spread it over the shavings for more cushiness..

Now I have to finish cleaning off the rest of the pen (all cement).. I think the cement makes it a little easier to clean because I can just use a shovel to scrape it up and a broom to get up the rest.. But I think it also makes it necessary to clean it more often because the urine doesn't soak through into the ground..

With the rest of my day, I'm going to sit here and do nothing.. = D

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