Friday, May 22, 2009

Another video of the chicks

You can hear the goats in the background screaming to be fed.. Prima is the loudest one.. She's letting me know that she wants to be milked because she knows that food comes right afterwards.. Anyway, enjoy the chicks..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wow, I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd posted.. Just have had so many things to do and so much on my mind that I haven't had the desire to sit down and say anything..

First off, the babies are doing well.. Bluebell had two boys and since they'll be meat goats, I let her keep them.. So I only had the four nubian babies to bottle feed.. They are growing fast and at about 2 months old now, they're eating hay, oats, and alfalfa pellets.. I've got them down to just one bottle a day.. Before that, I was going through so much milk.. It was crazy..

We've named and gotten everybody registered except for Bluebell's babies.. (No sense in registering a meat goat..) But I'll go by the pics in the previous posts.. Prima's black and brown boy is Gavin.. The spotted one is Euwyn.. I've already got a deposit on him.. Velvet's boy is Spoticus because of the big spot in the middle of his back.. The spotted little girl is Moira.. We're keeping her..

For the week, they lived in the house.. We kept them in a big dog crate except at feeding time.. Week two-four they lived outside in the pen while the other goats were closed off into the yard.. Since then they've been living with everybody else.. The mothers don't recognize them so they don't let the babies nurse.. The babies don't see them as a milk supply anyway so they don't try to nurse..

Anyway, here are some pics and video..

The babies supervising me as I make a raised bed of cinder blocks.. More on the raised bed later..
my supervisors

Euwyn after he got disbudded..
Euwyn disbudded

The babies playing in the yard..

A video of the babies playing and chasing me that I had to put on youtube because photobucket was being a pain in the butt..

I also did another article for Gardengirltv's webzine so I made a short video to go along with it about bottle feeding baby goats..

That's about it for the goats so let's go onto the rabbits..

Since Trixie had her babies, I've been looking for a buck to breed them to again.. Didn't have much luck until a guy on a forum I visit said he was getting out of his Florida Whites and that I could have his buck.. He just wanted them to go to a good home rather then him having to butcher them.. I get his two does also once they have their babies and they're weaned.. I've already got Dixie possibly bred but Trixie is being quite resistant.. I've taken to just leaving her in with the buck for a day and then taking her out, waiting a little while and then leaving her in again.. His name is George, but I haven't taken a picture of him since he's a white rabbit and pretty much looks exactly like the girls.. His ears are a little bigger..

Don't remember if I posted about the eggs hatching, but I got six to hatch.. My stupid chicken eating dog ate one of them so now I'm down to five.. But of those five I have one splash, and possibly two blue and two black.. A nice ratio.. Now to wait and see how many are roos and how many are hens..

This is them about a day or two old..
blue, black, splash orpingtons

A video of them at about a week old I think..

Them now at about a month and a half old..
blue black splash orpingtons

blue black splash orpingtons

blue black splash orpingtons

blue black splash orpingtons

And a video..

Last, but not least, my raised cinder block bed.. My mom sent me some money for my birthday and my inlaws sent me a gift card.. So guess what I did.. I went and bought cinder blocks.. I was as giddy as some women are when they get a new purse or a new pair of shoes..

This is the pile when I brought them home.. 23 blocks.. I actually paid for 24 but apparently I miscounted when I was loading them and only got 23..
cinder blocks for raised bed

This is originally how I set them out.. But after watching a gardengirl video, I had to put the long side facing north since that's where I'll be putting all my vining crops..
cinder blocks layed out

The bed in its new position.. I've got cardboard boxes and feed bags layed out to smother weeds..
raised cinder block bed

I haven't done anything else with it.. I don't really want to put dirt from the yard in it because of the weeds that will be in it.. And I don't have the money right now to buy bags of soil for it.. Besides, I've pretty much missed the beginning of the summer growing season anyway..

Ok, that's pretty much what's been going on here, farm-wise.. I will leave you with a pic of my boys with mohawks.. I let them keep it for the weekend of my birthday.. Then late Sunday afternoon off it came.. My daughter wanted a mohawk too.. But my husband would have killed me.. = )