Thursday, June 11, 2009

I made goat cheese!!!

goat cheese

I finally took some of the extra milk I'm getting and made some cheese from it.. Haven't tasted it yet.. Its supposed to sit in the fridge a couple of days before you eat it.. This is the recipe I used.. I hope I did it right because it didn't have any measurements for the vinegar or the salt, and I only had regular iodized salt.. I really hope it turns out ok.. If anybody has any other thoughts or suggestions or different recipes, I'm all ears..


Lydia said...

I'm sure your goat cheese is going to turn out great!
Your so lucky you have some farm animals! I think it's great!!!!!
Have a nice evening,

karen said...

I dont have a goat any longer but still long for the home made cheeses,
a very simple recipe like the one you used yet very quick and simply awesome no waiting in fridge either for days..Put milk into a microwave safe bowl i use a gallon at a time yields a pound of cheese..set for 20 minutes on high power..if you dont have a thermometer it is just before boiling..add very slowly White vinegar notjhing fancy or youll ruin the flavor..start with 1/4 cup slowly pouring till u see curdling going on white globs and a yellow whey seoperating if you see milky white liquid and curdles pour more vinegar slowly and slow stir it I max 3/4 c vinegar ..
then you drain in cheese cloth run warm water over curds to remove vinegar but not into whey you drained..
I like the flavor and dont ALWAYS rinse it...ok now you can press it in the colander cheese cloth for 20-45 minutes knead it with some sea salt keep kneading it then mix in some chopped cilantro, hot peppers chopped and sundried tomatoes YUMMY good...shape into a log fridge till chill then slice it with crackers in salads or as is sooooooo good