Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My newest crochet projects

Not much going on here.. Sold two of my older goat does.. Still have Prima, my milker.. Still have all the babies.. Hard to sell them right now with the economy the way it is..

Still no baby bunnies.. Nobody seems to be in the "mood".. I've been told that giving the girls wheat germ oil helps.. Will have to get some from the store tomorrow and try it out..

Chickens are getting bigger.. One of them crowed this morning.. If you want to call it a crow.. When I first heard it, I rushed to the back door because it sounded like a person trying to attract the chickens attention to nab them or something.. There are two that I'm sure are roos, and two I'm sure are hens.. The fifth one I'm still up in the air about.. Definitely more comb development then the two hens, but not as much as the two roos.. But I'm afraid that one is a roo because later I saw it and the two roos challenging each other.. The black roo is definitely the boss already.. The blue roo is the one that crowed.. The chicken in question is black also.. Then there is the blue hen and the splash hen.. The splash hen is definitely more curious then the others and seems to be at the bottom of the pecking order.. I really hope that one isn't a roo.. It'll through off my ratio so much..

Anyway, my crochet stuff..
First one is an amirugumi crochet mouse.. Like all my crochet things so far, I got it off of youtube..
Amigurumi crochet mouse

My adorable husband sporting his new beanie.. It says #1 Dad.. Our 5 yr old, of course, had to be in the pic.. The beanie itself is the same pattern I've used for the other beanies which I got off youtube.. The lettering I also learned from a youtube video.. I definitely made the letters too big.. Will have to work on my lettering..
Hubby's beanie, says #1 Dad

I learn all my crochet stuff from a woman who has tons of very informative videos on youtube.. She also has a blog..

My next project I will sort of be designing on my own.. A doggie bed.. Part of it will be a tube which I learned how to make from one of her videos..