Friday, September 18, 2009

Recent Happenings

Actually, not much happening right now.. But couldn't think of a better title.. So there you have it.. But I do have a couple of pics to post and a possible happening..

The other day I was doing some things to the boys shelter.. Gavin, being a bottle baby, just had to be near me.. I sat down for a minute to rest and Gavin came up for some attention.. I had my cell phone with me and snapped this picture..

Me and Gavin

He was chewing his cud at the time and I caught him mid chew.. Unfortunately, cud stinks and he likes to have his face close to mine so I can kiss him on the nose and scratch his face.. Won't be able to kiss him on the nose much longer though when its breeding season and he becomes a stinky buck.. To get that lovely stinky smell, male goats pee on their faces.. Of course they also get it all over their front legs and anything else that happens to be near by.. I almost got peed on by a young buckling once because he liked to mark people.. As if they were his property.. Obstinate little pissant..

And speaking of stinky bucks, I may have found a registered pygmy buck for my kinder project.. His name is Gambler and he's 6 yrs old.. He's older than either of my girls but I think his "experience" will help with getting the girls bred.. The girls, after all, are probably taller than he is..



Isn't he a cutie? And the lady said he's a sweetie too.. Need to talk to hubby and pick a day to go see him.. I told our youngest, Kaitlyn, that we might get him and now she keeps asking when are we getting him.. I guess to her its already a done deal..

Anyway, that's pretty much it for now.. Chickens are huge.. No eggs yet but should be any day now.. Rabbits still haven't done the naughty.. Figures that I would end up with celibate rabbits..