Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shelter Done, And Other Stuff

Ok, shelter is done.. Here's the pic..
Shelter done

And these are my supervisors for the project.. The big one is Prima, the spotted one is Moira, and the other black one is Gavin..
My supervisors

Oh, and I also found a pic of shelter Mack-1.. This was before I put the wire on the sides though.. I also only used 10ft long pipes for the top and the shelter was only 4X8..
First goat shelter

I thought I would also give the supply list and cost of making this shelter in case somebody would like to make their own.. Most of my supplies I get at Lowe's since its the closest to me.. The tarp is from U-Haul..

U-posts(6)- $4.45each
4X8 plywood(2)- $13.77each
1 1/2 two hole strap- package of two(9)- $.89each
12X3/4 wood screw- package of eight(5)- $1.18each
3/4in of 20ft long pvc pipe(3)- $3.38each
3/4in of 10ft long pvc pipe(1)- $1.72each
12X16 tarp(1)- $18.50each
size 4 sledge hammer to pound in the U-posts(1)- already had
foot long piece of 2X4 wood to hold over the top of the U-post so you don't bend the metal while pounding it in(1)- already had

And I think that's it.. Other than the drill used to screw in the screws.. The structure is 8ftX8ft and I'm not sure how tall.. Plenty of head room though.. I'll be doing this also for my hay and feed storage area..

Another project I'm slowly working on is getting paving stones for the back yard.. This is the area that I'm wanting to pave.. From the back of the house to the beginning of the goat yard.. All the way across from one end of the house to the other..
Future paved area

And this is the pattern I'm going to do.. There will be a set of these, then a wood border around them, then another set like those, and a wood border around it, etc.. I had the idea for the wood and pavers, but my brilliant husband had the idea to use the alternating colors..
Paver Pattern

And last, but not least, my beautiful blue orpington hens are finally laying on a regular basis.. We get two almost every day.. They seem to like to lay them just in a shallow depression on the ground..
Our blue orps eggs

And of course my super handsome blue orpington rooster watching over his hens as they eat.. I'll get pics of everybody else for another post..
Handsome blue orp rooster

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Goat Shelter

Ok, I've tried this one before with light duty U-posts and wire for the sides.. Didn't work well because the goats bent the wire and posts.. So now I've done it with heavy duty U-posts and plywood sides.. We shall see if it can withstand the goats.. I thought I had pics of shelter Mark-1.. But apparently they were on our old camera that has disappeared.. So here is Mark-2..

This is the shelter with just the U-posts and pvc pipes.. The older female is me and I'm 5'9" for height reference.. The pvc pipes are 20ft long(technically 19ft and some odd inches..)
shelter before boards

A close up of how the pipes fit into the posts..
this is the way the pipe fits in the posts

After the boards were screwed in place..
shelter after the boards are up

The metal straps hold the board to the posts and the pvc pipe is kept in between..
straps holding boards on posts

Close up of the straps.. Don't know if you can tell, but I've stripped most of the poor screws.. Don't know if it's because I'm inept or because my drill is really old.. It doesn't even have a reverse..
straps up close

I will also be adding a 10ft (technically 9ft and some odd inches) to the top to work as a backbone and then a large tarp over that.. Not sure about a door yet.. But I'll want to be able to close it when I need to..