Friday, July 29, 2011

Bucket veggies..

Ok, so there are enough pics of the veggies that I figured it would be silly to list them each individually.. So instead I'm embedding a slide show.. Not sure if the descriptions for each pic is going to show up in the slide show.. But if you want to know details about a pic, you can always click on it and actually go to the album.. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still here..

We're still at our same house.. Money is really rough right now with my husband going to school and all.. Not sure if he'll have unemployment after this week so don't know what we're going to do after that.. He is almost done with the main part of his schooling.. His last day is August 2nd.. After that he'll go into avionics which is another 6 months of school.. But if he doesn't get the unemployment then he'll have to drop school and get some work.. He's going to North Carolina August 4th (I think its the 4th) for a job assessment sort of interview sort of thing.. But who knows how long that will take for them to decide who to hire.. But if he gets the job he won't have to finish avionics anyway.. I just don't know what we're going to do if he doesn't get the unemployment..

Anyway! On the up side, I've got a small garden going.. Two buckets for right now, one more soon.. I've got some zucchini, peas, and tomatoes growing and a swiss chard seedling just sprouted.. The peas aren't doing very well but the zucchini is growing big and already starting to grow buds.. The tomatoes are doing ok.. But sure taking their time growing.. I put them in more sun yesterday so hopefully that will help.. I'll do some updates soon with pics..

I'm down to one goat now, no rabbits and no chickens.. With money being really tight, less mouths to feed is better.. The one goat I have left is Prima, one of the original 3 I had.. I refuse to get rid of her because she's a sweetheart, she's a great milker, and gives lots of milk.. I also think her large teats will be helpful when breeding to pygmies which usually have very small teats..

Oh, also once my husband does get a job, it will probably be in Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina.. There are jobs in the aviation industry all over the US.. The industry is actually desperate for people.. But I have set down the ground rules that we won't move any farther than the three previously mentioned states.. I have many reasons for this which I won't go into right now.. But we'll see which of those we end up in..