Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Design Idea For a Raised Bed

K, so I said I wanted to make a raised bed that was off the ground, right? So here's a bad drawing of what I have in mind..
So the pvc legs will be probably be 1" diameter pipe.. I'll put holes in the front of them to put strawberries or other small veggies.. I think strawberries would work best though.. I'll probably take my current strawberries out of their current pot and put them in the holes.. Or better yet, just get new strawberries for the holes.. *rubs hands together and cackles softly*

Now the raised bed box will probably be 4-5 feet from side to side and 2 feet from front to back.. Not sure how deep yet but probably around 2 feet deep.. Don't want to make it too big and end up toppling over because it's top heavy..

Near the back of the box I'll plant vines like snow peas and pickling cucumbers and they'll, of course, run up the trellis.. Don't know if I want to make the trellis out of lathe (thin strips of wood) or if I'll just use string or something..

But that's basically it.. Very simple but very functional..

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