Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bucket Search Fail, Sort Of

So we went to BJ's yesterday and I forgot to ask about buckets. *facepalm* I was so bummed today that hubby said we could go to the Waffle House near BJ's and swing by BJ's while we were there. Awesome! I think this was mostly because he was craving waffles. But it still worked for me.

Turns out the bakery at BJ's does have buckets I could have. But the only size they had was about a gallon. = (

So instead of continuing to fail in my bucket search, I'm going to go to Lowes tomorrow and just buy some buckets. I'm going to cut down on the cost by doing just single buckets instead of the double wicking buckets. Besides, it seems to rain here enough that I don't have to water my plants at all. So wicking buckets, at the moment, aren't really necessary.

I do still plan on doing the wicking buckets later on, though, as part of my aquaponics setup. I may still do the idea I originally had. But I think I will do a post soon describing my idea for the aquaponic wicking buckets.

I'm going to get potting soil at Lowes also and a big bag of composted cow manure. The cow manure is a lot cheaper than the potting soil so adding that 50/50 with the potting soil should cut down on costs also. Besides, the cow manure will continue feeding the plants long after the chemical fertilizer runs out. I really don't like having to buy soil with the chemical fertilizers but there doesn't seem to be any without it. Or none I know of.

I'll also be top dressing the pots with our bunny's manure. We use the recycled newspaper type stuff for his bedding and that will act as a kind of mulch on top of the buckets. The manure will slowly seep into the soil and feed the plants.

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