Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bucket Success

Yesterday I went to Lowes and got some buckets. You can also see the bags of composted cow manure. I spent $60 which was more than I'd like. But I got the buckets, the manure and two large bags of potting soil. The white bucket is one I already had and has some Russian kale growing in it.

 These are the large bags of potting soil. These bags are about twice as big as the manure bags so I may have to get more manure bags if I plan on doing 50/50 like I'd wanted. That's ok though. The manure bags are only $5 each. The small bag is some of our rabbit's used bedding with the little nuggets of bunny manure gold.

This morning I drilled drainage hole. I didn't drill them on the bottom because this way it creates a bit of a reservoir. I will fill the buckets with the soil and manure later after the sun has moved behind the building. Hopefully we'll be getting a canopy back there soon and I won't have to wait for the sun to move to play in my garden.

I also discovered the other day that my tablet can do panoramic pictures. So here's a picture of our patio. Right now I have most of my plants to the right so they will be shaded by the building. You can click on the pictures for a bigger image.

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