Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Buckets, Growing and Blooming July 2014

So I went to Walmart and they didn't have any buckets. So Saturday hubby and I are going to go to a BJ's (like a Sam's Club or Costco) to look around and see if they're about the same prices as a Sam's Club. But I figure while I'm there, I can ask about buckets since they have a bakery.

In other news, I managed to get this blog connected to my Google + profile which is also attached to my youtube channel. So now everything should update automatically.

I promised you guys pics, so here you go.

Some more baby spider plants developing.

Dahlias still blooming away.

French asparagus getting too big for it's pot. This is one reason I seriously need to get more buckets. The plant in the container with it is something I've always known as clover. I love to pinch off leaves and nibble on them. Really sweet and I'm sure would go lovely in a salad. If I can ever get some salad greens to grow without bolting.

Speaking of salad greens. I've started my cool season crops by putting some romaine lettuce seedlings (center bottom and the second is up and just to the left) in the big container. In the wicking bucket from the video, I've planted some red russian kale (tap on any pic for a bigger image) that are just coming up.

Speaking of the big container. Here it is with radishes growing around the edges, swish giant peas growing next to the tree, and the spots that look empty is where the romaine lettuce seedlings are. Still no signs of life from the peach tree.

I haven't posted many pics of my banana plants. But here's one of them with some nice coloring showing up on the leaves. The other plant has a couple pups that I'm not sure if I should repot or leave be.

That's pretty much it for now. So I'll leave you guys again with some pretty flowers to look at. The first is a canna that should bloom in the next couple days. The second is my daughter's petunias which sending out flowers.

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