Monday, July 21, 2014

Another Late Update

So I know I've gotten lax on updating this again. But not really much to update about. Most of my plans are limited to when we get our own place. We are in North Carolina now. The move went smoothly. Thank God. The place we're in is really nice. We also really like the area. But a house with land in this town is really expensive so that's not going to happen. But there are still plenty of properties with land that are still within a decent distance of my husband's job.

I've been trying to find a Walmart or any place that has a bakery so I can get the 5 gal buckets they get their icing in. The one closest to us is a Walmart Neighborhood Marketplace which basically means it only has groceries. I've never seen a Walmart that just has groceries but apparently it's common in this area. But even though they have groceries, they don't have a regular bakery where they make the cakes and such so they don't have the icing buckets. The next closest one is about 20 minutes in the opposite direction but, other than the buckets, I have no other reason to go there right now.

I'm weird like that. I hate going anywhere for just one thing. I'd rather wait until I have a definite reason to go somewhere. Like the kids need new clothes or something. Which they do but that can wait until closer to the start of school. So the buckets are on hold for now.

There is a Lowe's literally right down the street but I'm going to need lots of buckets so buying buckets can add up real quick. The soil is going to add up quick enough, so I'd rather try to get the free buckets if I can. There is also a Sam's club not too far away and I used to get buckets from them as well so that's another option.

Anyway, I've done a video about putting together a wicking planter in one of the big 30 gal containers. Don't think I'm going to do any more of those containers right now because it's REALLY friggin heavy and is going to be a pain to move when we will hopefully be moving into our own place next spring.

I also did a slideshow of me making just a wicking bucket. Super easy. I'll be making many more of these once I get the buckets.

Other than that, not much going on. But I did take some pics of things growing and blooming which I will probably post tomorrow. I'll at least try to keep this blog updated with pics of things going on and of the area around here. This area has lots of sculptures that are carved out of bricks and I'd love to take pictures of them and other artsy things and post them here.

But for now, I have a headache so I'm going to go take something for that and then maybe watch some videos while I do a bit of crochet. See ya's soon.

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