Monday, August 4, 2014

Flowers, Seedlings and Fruit Plants

Let's start out with this, shall we? Absolutely beautiful. I'm not big into flowers but I have to say that dahlias, daylilies and irises are my favorites.

Many of the things are sprouting in the buckets. Thought I would show these in particular because the bucket on the left are the beets. I made two little holes and (I could have sworn) planted two seeds per hole. That's what I do with all my seeds. But there are four seedlings per hole coming up. Same for the other bucket that I planted beets. The other bucket is spinach mustard. Or mustard spinach. One of those.

That reminds me. In the last four buckets I planted spinach mustard (or mustard spinach) in two of the buckets (like the above picture). In the other two I put pac choi like I grew in the window of our previous place. Hopefully I'll have better results this time.

In the big container, some of the radishes are almost ready to harvest.

My ozark beauty strawberries are putting out runners like crazy and I'm trying to give them every bit of soil to take root. At this rate, I might have 15 - 20 new plants just from the two I started with.

Then the other days hubby and I made a deal that if I did something for him then I could get more plants. So today I went to the local farmer's market and bought these for $10 each. I love end of season sales. The plant on the left is a celeste fig. I've wanted a fig tree since last year I think. Even though I've never had a raw fig. Guess I'll find out soon enough. The plant in the middle is a muscadine grape called noble. From what I just read it's a top choice for wine and juice making. Hopefully it's good for just eating also since I have no interest in wine. The last plant is a tifblue blueberry. I just looked it up and it says pollinate with a blueberry called climax. I did see that he had those too. I might have to make another trip. But the tifblue is supposed to be very hardy and makes large tasty berries.

And look! The fig tree already has tiny little figs growing. Hopefully they'll mature before our first frost. Some of you are probably thinking 'They'll be ready way before then.' But I honestly don't know how long it takes them to mature. Guess I should look that up.

Well, that's the updates for today. So I'll leave you with a group photo of the lovely purple dahlias.

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