Thursday, August 14, 2014

Succulents and Another 9 Months

Finally transplanted all the baby haworthias. Don't they look so cute? It's going to be fun to watch them grow and fill the containers. 

The haworthia has done so well in the original container, that I think I'm going to do this for my other succulents also and put them in window sills. Right now they're outside and it's been raining a lot and their pots have been getting flooded. I think I may lose one of my jade plants completely. The stem started to rot and I cut it off and put the good part of the stem in the soil. But it just kept getting flooded. So I've brought it inside and I'll see how it goes. I've got another succulent that has little babies growing out of the leaf nodes. I think I'll pop one off and see if I can get it to root.

So we decided to stay here another 9 months. We want to save up a really good down payment and we just need more time for that. It will also give us more time to get more of our finances in order and make our credit reports look as nice as we can. The 9 month lease we have now, and then another 9 month lease will take us to December of next year. Much longer than my heart wants to wait. But my head knows it's the better decision. Besides, a new home will be a nice Christmas present for all of us and will be a great start for 2016.

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