Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ummmm, I've Got an Addiction

So yesterday I was supposed to go to Lowes and buy one succulent plant. Ummmmmmm... Oops. I bought 6 and two mum plants. But they were all discounted like 50%. So I still got a good deal. I still haven't told hubby that I bought more than one. I'm going to wait and see if he notices.

I don't know why I'm buying things that don't produce food. Normally I try to restrict myself to food items only. Otherwise my spending might get out of control. (Ooops.) But since I can't really grow many food items other than what are in my buckets, I might as well work on my succulent collection.

So first up is sedum nussbaumarianum and portulacaria afra 'variegata'.

Next is pleiospilos nelii (split rock) and crassula arborescens (ripple jade). The succulent above them is an unnamed jade plant that I started from a leaf that came off one of my other jade plants.

The last succulent I bought is about twice the size of the others but is a bit beat up. But that's ok. It'll grow new leaves and get big and beautiful. I've already taken some leaves that fell off and put them in some soil. This one is called echeveria 'perle von nurnberg'.

These are the mums I bought. These are chrysanthemum x morifolium in the red and bronze colors. They were just too hard to resist, being discounted and beautiful.

Now the striped leaves you see in these pics are from my large spider plant with all the babies. Well, I'm finally getting around to getting those baby plants rooted. The stems or whatever the baby plants come from are starting to dry up so they have to get rooted, like now. They're already on the way. They're already putting down new roots into the soil. Their leaves look a bit wilted right now because I waited too long to do this. Procrastination is one of my worse traits. But in my defense, I have had a lot on my mind lately.

In other news, I'm battling to keep my bucket veggies from being eaten by bugs and birds. I've lost a bucket of kohlrabi twice, I think I've completely lost my carrots and one of my pea plants, I've barely saved one of the buckets of beets. Those are from a bird that thinks my patio is a salad bar. I've hung up some old cds to swing in the sunlight because I've read the light that it casts as it turns startles birds. 

Then yesterday I found some tiny little black caterpillars on my mustard spinach and pac choi. Let's just say they've been delt with.

Ok, I've got to make sure the daughter gets ready and walk her up to her school. The school is just a 5 minute walk which is really nice to be so close since she's diabetic and I'll probably have to make trips over there in case something needs to be changed on her pump. But anyway, have fun and take care.

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