Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Zebra Haworthia and Painting Pots

I have a little succulent plant called a zebra haworthia. I've had it for a couple years now and it's grown some pups or baby haworthias.

I've been meaning to replant the pups for months now (luckily it doesn't grow very fast) and I've finally gotten around to painting some new pots for the babies to go in. The pots are simply 16 oz sour cream containers painted with a terra cotta shade of acrylic craft paint. Simply yet adorable. 

Painting containers is a great way to recycle any plastic containers that people usually just throw away. Sour cream containers, yogurt containers, butter containers. You can even cut the top off a bottle and paint the bottle. I find it easiest to paint a layer, go do something else while it dries and then do another layer. Since it's acrylic paint, it'll dry quickly. 

Use whatever color you like. Paint them all the same color for a themed look or do different colors and make a rainbow collection. Or if you have more artistic skill than me, you can paint pictures on them.

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