Monday, September 22, 2014

Pac choi, Rooting and Coppertone Sedum

So the pac choi has been doing fairly well in their little protective domes. But they're getting a little big for them so I decided to uncover one of the buckets to see if the birds will still bother them at this size.

The leaves are the perfect size for baby salad greens. But I think I'll let them grow a bit bigger and see how they do.

When I was putting the fruit trees in the car when I got them Saturday, apparently I damaged a small branch on the peach tree. So instead of just cutting it off and throwing it away, I decided to try to root it. I know raw honey is supposed to be a good rooting hormone. But all I had was store bought so that's what I used. I still haven't had much luck with rooting things. (Except succulent. But you basically lay those on the soil or in it just a little and then leave it alone.) But I will eventually find a rooting method that works for me. Hopefully this will be it and I'll have at least one more peach tree.

This succulent is called Coppertone or serum nussbaumerianum. It likes full sun which makes it turn a lovely copper color. I think this one likes where I have it, apparently, because it's color is starting to develop. I can't wait to see it completely colored out.

K. It's bed time. Have a good one folks.

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