Friday, January 23, 2015

My Mind is Somewhere Else

So we've come back to the waiting game again. Waiting to get the mortgage loan finalized, sending them all the little things the underwriters require, waiting for the house to be built, waiting to move, etc etc etc. Since I can't really start a whole lot of seedlings yet, I've decided to start some that are going to take some time sprouting anyway.

Here we have pineapple guava seeds.

These are moringa seeds.

And that's the seeds for now. But I do have other things 'sprouting'. I found this little guy yesterday. It's no bigger than a pea right now but it's so cute. I think another one will develop in the spot right next to it and I'm so excited.

I still haven't restarted my indoor greens container. My brain has been on the house and the land so much lately that I've kind of lost interest in it. I want so badly to be on that land and finally fulfilling all the plans that I've had for so many years. But tomorrow I think I will force myself to actually get the replanting done. I'll be sure to take pictures too. Actually, no I won't. You guy know what soil looks like and that's pretty much all you'll see until things start to sprout again. But I'll definitely give you guys an update to let you know how the seedlings do this time.

If you remember, last time I hadn't put the foil up yet so they got leggy. After I put the foil in, they did much better. Especially the pac choi which you can see in the pic. The red russian kale doesn't look very good and I think the spinach sprouted but then died off. So I might do mostly pac choi this next time around with maybe one or two kale and spinach just to see if this time will be different. And I'll be doing purslane also.

 So for now I think I'll leave you with something that I worked on today to try to keep my mind busy and less stir crazy.

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