Thursday, January 29, 2015

Some New Thoughts

Since most of my projects are on hold right now, I've been doing a lot of thinking. Well, I'm always thinking but here are some of my current thoughts.

For one, the shed/aquaponics house/chicken house/rabbit house isn't going to be cordwood like I'd originally planned. Since the property is already completely cleared, there are no trees for me to use. Yes, I could get it from other sources. But that's going to take time to get the much wood. And we all know I'm not big on patience.

So instead I'm going to build it out of plywood. The frame will be pretty much be an extension of the greenhouse's frame. Then I'll enclose the shed portion with the plywood, put rockwool insulation on the inside, and then put plywood over that. This should provide plenty of warmth in the winter to keep the tilapia comfortable.

Speaking of structures, I'm probably going to do the structures first. Like the shed, the greenhouse, maybe some covered shelters for the livestock.

I'm also thinking of doing the whole perimeter of the property in electrified poly tape. I'd like to put in t-posts to attach the poly tape to. That'll contain sheep, couple cows and maybe some horses pretty easy. Plus, I think the poly tape will look a little nicer then just electrified wire. Later on we can put a wire livestock fencing on the back side of it but keep the poly tape on it to keep the animals off of it. Particularly goats. We won't have goats until we get the livestock fencing since they're known to be escape artists and I don't think poly tape alone will contain them.

But with all the work I have ahead of me with building the structures and the fencing. I think that will keep me busy for the first year. So I don't think we'll have any livestock until maybe the following spring. We may get some smaller animals like rabbits and chickens though. Especially since I plan on doing the greenhouse/shed first and they'll be housed in the shed part.

The raised beds are something I'm going to work on gradually since I'm not going to have a whole lot of prep time in the spring. If I started on the raised beds first, I still might not get them together and filled in time for planting this season. So I'll probably throw a couple together and do the rest of my gardening in the buckets and containers I already have.

But then again, all of this may change once we get the house in place and start living there and get a feel for the land.

But tomorrow we're going to go back to the property and talk to the contractor about what the surveyor marked and said. We were going to do that today but tomorrow is a better day for him and he's a nice guy so we were happy to accommodate him. But I'm going to take my cameras with me and I'll be posting a video about what he says and just to show off the property how it looks before anything is built on it. It will be nice to see in a couple of years how things change as we get all our plans going.

Anyway, talk to yall later and keep an eye out for that video some time this weekend.

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